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In the last few years, an extreme change has occurred in customer service. Business people are communicating with their customers through different media. Agents are replying to customers over call, SMS, email, live chat, social media, etc. Among all these, social media is playing a big role in communication. Whereas, Facebook is the most popular social media used by so many people, approximately 2.89 billion people (according to statista.com ). Today’s customers spend most of their time on Facebook and they hope to get better service. Moreover,  an organized service tends to lead them into loyal customers who will most likely spend more on your business. 

What happens when you have the fruit but can’t eat it:

When a business has a big customer service team, a big customer group, and their FB page’s message box explodes, Customer comments are overlapping the notification feature, it’s a good sign that the business is going well. Yet it’s a matter of concern when the customer service team can’t maintain these messages with a good stream. What was to be good, may become worse. Customers will get disappointed when they do not get the expected service. Consequently, customers may back off from the brand. 

Reap for bigger awards:

When you are drowning in comments, FB messages from your customers, iHelpBD has the hand for you to lift up with its Facebook Management Software. 

The software can help you to manage all the messages and comments of your Facebook business page/s smartly. To make your new message number on inbox at 0, this software has everything to provide. In this Facebook Management Software, your customer service agents can communicate with customers without going to the page/s. Every message and comment will come to that software and get distributed to the agents. By that what will happen is no complication will occur, such as, when there is a message, two agents can send the reply at the same time from their own device. Therefore, two messages will be gone in the form of a reply against one query. In a general sense, it may not be a problem but when it comes to your brand image, it will have a great impact. Hence, agents will not work in the same things because of the smart distribution. Moreover, another feature is agents can generate tickets for customers' queries, complaints, etc. There will be SLA for these tickets as well. Therefore, this SLA will help to solve the issues quickly. Also, agents can work efficiently with the help of the different features of the Software. Besides mitigating these types of complications, the Facebook Management Software can help you in many other ways. Eventually, you can reap the bigger awards with the help of the Facebook Management Software of iHelpBD. 

To maintain your Facebook communication, iHelpBD is always there with its Facebook Management Software to make the Facebook communication process easy for you. Besides, to add that, already iHelpBD has the reputation to provide a complete call center solution where you can get FB messenger, Whatsapp, live chat, voice, Email, SMS with so many other features. Therefore, undoubtedly we are ensuring you that we will provide the best service with our Facebook Management Software.